The 2 Week Diet

Bench Press Fail… Or Why You Need A Power Rack

The 2 Week Diet

Bench Press Fail… Or Why You Need A Power Rack

The 2 Week Diet

Here’s the best workout I’ve found to get stronger:×5/

Hey there – this is Mehdi from In this video you can see me failing the third rep on a paused Bench Press with 100kg (220lb). But as you can see in the video, at no point is there a risk of injury as the safety pins from the Power Rack catch the bar immediately after I get stuck – this is why you need a Power Rack.

These reps were paused by the way, like in competition. If you don’t know what that means: paused is harder than touch & go because you can’t use as much stretch reflex. I don’t always Bench Press paused, I alternate it – sticky point training, details are in my training log (StrongLifts Inner Circle Members have access to it). If you’re doing StrongLifts 5×5, it’s okay to Bench Press touch & go-style with a faster rebound in the bottom.

Anyway, my quick story if you’re not familiar with me: I wasn’t built to be big or strong. I also have zero athletic background and never did any kind of sports before I started to lift weights. Until my mid-teens most of my life I spent watching TV and playing videogames, living the coach potato lifestyle. In fact, I used to be the skinny-fat ectomorph type, born with lousy “hardgainer” genetics (my thumb overlaps my middlefinger when I grab my wrists) and eating junk most of the time.

Everything changed the day I lost at armwrestling to all my friends, and then a girl. I discovered I couldn’t even do a single pushup while that same girl could. The humiliation and embarassement motivated me to start working out to gain strength, build muscle and lose my belly fat forever. I was sick and tired of being the skinny-fat weakling.

Today, through persistent hard-work and determination, I’ve been able to gain 43lb of almost all muscle while losing my belly fat once and for all. Most important: I did this WITHOUT ever using drugs or steroids. I also increased my Squat to 419lb (2.5x my body-weight) and my Deadlift to 500lb (triple body-weight). The Bench Press is the toughest exercise for me because I have these crazy long orangutan arms and skinny wrists, and yet I’ve still managed to increase it to 253lb body-weight which is about 1.5x my body-weight.

If I can do it, so can you. Stay strong,


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