The 2 Week Diet

14 Day Detox: Fit Tea Review

The 2 Week Diet

14 Day Detox: Fit Tea Review

The 2 Week Diet

So lately, Ive been on the go, moving from state to state and eating whatever is convenient (never do this) and Ive been feeling really guilty about it because it isn’t usual of me to do so. So I decided to give FitTea 14 day Detox a try to clean out the toxins in my body from my recently bad diet.

Ive been taking Fit Tea for 3 days now and I am absolutely pleased with the results so far because I feel much less bloated, Im not running to the bathroom all day, and I have energy without feeling shaky and then crashing not long after. Ive had my experience with detoxing with teas before and this one is the best by far. I will share with you my final thoughts when Im done with the entire bag and the 14 days. I am working on my 2015 Summer bod! Remember Summer bodies are made in the Winter so why not start now! 🙂
Also remember to drink PLENTY of H2O!

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Thanks so much for your positive energy! I hope all is well! See you in my next video! Muah!


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About FitTea:
* Increases your energy levels without jitters

*Increases Weight-loss

*Removes toxins from body that hinder body from burning fat

*100% Natural Appetite Suppressant

*Natural Antioxidants


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